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Why choose us

Value & Service

The # 1 that companies ask is ….HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT FACTORY?

We never compromise….

I believe it is quite easy to find a Chinese supplier online now, the only problem is it’s too hard for you to find the right supplier. It can be done but takes time.
The most common complaints are inconsistent quality,poor communication and bad service bad among factory sales person. You have probably heard or met that there are some extremely sophisticated factories that manufacturing knowledge and experience continue to improve.
For us we have been dealing with 10+ manufacturers for many years. We know where to find the perfect factory for your order at that price we both can profit from. And our in-depth sourcing experience delivers worry free production.

Who we are

What defines a good supplier?

Affordable Knowledgeable Responsive Reliable…

Not even we have a universal answer to this question.

However,over 10 years, DEVELOP BAG has gained the essential knowledge about this central question.We are a valued added and reliable supplier with a sustanable business model, professional relationships with customers, and the volition to make necessary changes according to current trading environment in China. The consistently quality assurance and full-service concept are rounded out by our standard operation process.

We hold the value of “Authenticity,Reliability,Integrity”.The purest expression of these fundamental value is our comprehensive service concept.

What we do

What characterises the quality of a company?

Quality & performance, our positioning in the market….

At Develop Bag, our top priority is the high quality of manufactured products.

In reference to the competitive environment we operate in and trade structures,companies are decreasingly distinguished by pricing.That’s why we, as a value added provider,offering integrated service-oriented solution that create clearly recognisable added value for our customers.

We customise products according to your request We provide focused and customer friendly support We focus on the needs of our customers We maintain long-term and partner-like relationship