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How to custom Kindergarten children’s backpack?

Children’s backpacks are necessary for every child to go to school. Because children are in the stage of a long body, the choice of backpacks directly affects the health of children, so the selection of children’s backpacks is very important. Kindergartens are uniform clothing school bags and more and more favor custom bespoke children’s backpacks. We will talk about the details of custom children’s backpacks to pay attention to.

  1. Schoolbag material When customizing children’s backpacks, pay attention to the materials it uses. Only backpacks made of high-quality materials will have high strength and elasticity, and they will be durable. Have a major impact on children’s health. In order for children to have safer schoolbags, high-grade harmless fabrics must be used.
  2. Schoolbag work The quality of the schoolbag’s workmanship affects its use, so it is best to choose a reliable factory to ensure that the schoolbag’s workmanship is fine and the wiring is neat. In the case of large goods, the factory can reinforce the stitching on the back and shoulders, so that the backpack will not open when the child is carrying it.
  3. Have more pockets Because children use a lot of stationery, if they are put together, it will be inconvenient to access. When choosing a specific style, you must think about it. You can choose multiple pocket compartments so that children can organize their books and stationery. Classes of school supplies also further help improve children’s ability to organize.
  4. The straps should be thick The heavy backpack is carried on the child’s body, and it is distressing to look at. If the strap is very thin, it will pin the baby’s shoulder. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a school bag with a thicker strap so that it will not feel shoulders when carrying it Can protect the child’s tender shoulders, and it will not break easily.
  5. With the side mesh bag When the summer is hot, you will bring some foods such as water to prevent thirst, so you can choose a backpack with a side net bag to pack some water and snacks so that children can eat food on the way to and from school To prevent the child from being hungry, if the tightness can be controlled, the contents will not fall off easily, and the children’s supplies will be effectively protected and should not be lost.

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How to choose a suitable outdoor travel backpack?

1: Choose a backpack based on your schedule, go for a one-day backpacking trip, bike ride, mountain climbing, and choose a backpack that is less than 30 liters. Two-or three-day camping options range from 30-40 liters of multi-purpose backpacks. More than four days hiking, to place tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads and other outdoor equipment, can choose more than 45 liters of backpack. In addition, the general outdoor activities and mountain climbing with different backpacks, backpacks used for mountain climbing do not have many parts, like mountaineering friends who need to pay attention.

2: According to the number of backpack selection, when hiking alone, you can choose about 25 ~ 35 liters of the backpack. When taking your family and children on holiday trips, you should choose about 40 liters of a rucksack for your family. You should have more external systems to help your family carry umbrellas, cameras, food, etc.

hiking backpack, outdorr backpack

3: Choose your bag according to your body length. Before you choose your bag, you should measure the length of your back, that is, the distance from the cervical spine to the last lumbar spine. If the trunk length is less than 45 cm, you should buy a small bag. If the trunk length between 45-52 cm, should choose a medium bag. If your torso length is more than 52 centimeters, you should pick a larger bag. The standard reference is that the backpack should be able to see from the back of the buttocks and legs. It would be wrong and dangerous to see only one big backpack and two small legs.

4: CHOOSE BACKPACKS BASED ON GENDER. Backpacks are different for men and women because of their size and weight. For a day or two of short-distance excursions, men and women use about 30 liters of backpacks. For long-distance trips or camping lasting more than two to three days, a pack of 45 to 70 liters or more is usually a good choice for men, while a pack of 55 liters or so is a good choice for men The 60 + 10 l design meets most loading requirements. There are also built-in professional tarpaulins to make your trip safer. Women opt for a 45-liter backpack. In addition to this, the style and comfort of the backpack should be tested and selected in person, avoid touching the frame or top pocket as you lift your head. All the parts of the backpack that touch the body must have enough upholstery, and the inner frame and seam of the backpack must be firm. Pay special attention to the thickness and quality of the shoulder straps, and check whether there are straps, belts, straps, straps, straps, etc.



The leather bags should be cleaned before storage, and it should be put into clean shredded paper or cotton shirts to keep the shape of it, then put the leather bags into soft cotton bags. The leather bag should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. Leather cabinets should be ventilated, preferably with louvered doors. The natural oils in leather tend to decrease over time or with excessive use, so even high-quality leather products need regular maintenance. It is recommended that you should dust the leather products every time before storage.General leather products put the leather maintenance oil first, the practice is oil on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly wipe the surface, avoid oil directly on the leather, to damage to the leather. Warm tip: when the leather bag is not used, it is best to keep it in cotton cloth instead of a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag is not circulating, the leather will be too dry and damaged. The inside of the bag had better be stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag.

Following is the tip should be pay attention:

 1. Once a week with a soft cloth and then wet after wringing, and then from the top to the bottom of the scrub again, repeat several times to gently wipe.

2. The leather loses luster, may use the leather glazing agent to polish, must not wipe with the leather shoe oil. General One or two years on-sub-light, can maintain the leather soft and luster and can extend the service life.

3. Before using leather care products, a little test at the bottom of the bag or on the inside of the less conspicuous place first, to be sure that there are no problems before using the whole leather. The maintenance method is to clean the water and dirt on the towel leather goods with the leather cleaning liquid, then brush a layer with the leather goods brightener. This will keep it soft and comfortable, avoid friction with rough sharp objects cause damage, avoid in the hot sun, fire or extrusion, do not get close to inflammable goods, accessories do not get wet, do not get close to acid goods, please often use a soft cloth to wipe, so as not to scratch and dirty.

4. The leather is best used frequently and is often rubbed with a fine flannel cloth. Leather inadvertently caught in the rain or moldy, the water should be wiped dry (can use a soft dry cloth to wipe off water stains or mildew spots) and placed in a cool place to air-dry. Do not use fire drying or drying in the sun.

5. When the leather is crinkle carelessly, the iron can be used and the temperature can be controlled between 60-70 °C. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth as an interfacing cloth (i. e. , a separate cloth for ironing) and keep moving the iron.

6. Leather hardware maintenance should be used after the dry cloth to wipe. Such as micro-oxidation, can try to flour or toothpaste gently wipe hardware.

7. Lacquered leather is usually wiped with a soft cloth.

8. Leather products such as spots and black spots, you can try the same color leather with alcohol light wipe.10. Suede leather to use a soft animal brush to remove surface dust and dirt, if the pollution is more serious, you can try to use an eraser gently spread evenly to all directions to remove dirt.

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Backpack Making Process

In the production of backpacks, the complexity of backpack production can be realized from the process of picking and cutting. If it is a complicated computer backpack customization, its parts and materials are no less than tens of pieces. Even a complex outdoor sports backpack can be assembled from hundreds of more than one piece. Therefore, the process is inevitable in the production process.

In general, the overall process of making a backpack is like this: from material selection -> proofing -> sample -> preparation -> open die -> picking -> stamping (laser) cutting -> Sheet printing (embroidery) -> sewing -> whole package sewing -> inspection -> packaging -> storage -> delivery these general processes.

However, the sewing is divided into: sewing front piece, sewing seam, sewing lining, filling sewing, sewing side pocket, sewing accessories (shoulder belt, belt, pocket), assembly parts, mounting head. There are some small processes in each process, such as sewing the rear piece and the high-speed sewing package.

      There are even special techniques that are not available for every type of backpack: for example, leather, composite, oil edge, as well as car wash processing, glue, rivets, pumping, stamping, spraying, etc.

Therefore, if a real backpack is produced, it needs to go through a good process to get out. The general backpack production has its own time limit. Of course, it also has a certain impact depending on the amount of time you customize. In general, the most direct impact on the construction period is the process flow.

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